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49ers offensive play-calling and Jim Tomsula's coaching staff

The San Francisco 49ers had several coaches handling various play-calling last season. Will we see some simplification this year?

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers have just about figured out their offensive coaching staff for the 2015 season, and one of the first questions will be whether or not the team can get the plays called in quickly enough. It feels like the 49ers have had game clock issues dating back to the Mike Nolan era. They have had plenty of situations where they get the play off quickly, but there were enough notable mistakes that it felt like a recurring feature.

Tim Kawakami tweeted this out. There has never been a lot of firm confirmation on play-calling, but enough comments are out there that some of this strikes me as familiar:

The plays were called to the field and Harbaugh would then call them in to Colin Kaepernick. I don't know how this compares to other teams around the league, but this seems like a complicated approach. I could be wrong, and if anybody has any insight on this, let me know.

The question this year is who on the field will handle getting plays in. As I understand it, someone up in the booth upstairs cannot speak directly to the quarterback. The person speaking to the QB has to be down on the sideline. I'm not positive of that, but I recall seeing it mentioned somewhere.

Jim Tomsula is not an offensive-minded coach, so it would seem likely that he would not be an intermediary in the play-calling. I'd be curious to see if we get Geep Chryst on the sideline, or if he calls in the plays through new QB coach Steve Logan. Given that Logan talks pretty quickly, that might take Kap some getting used to!