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NFLPA projects at least $143 million salary cap

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We've got another salary cap projection that is a little more favorable.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Adam Schefter reported the NFL expected the 2015 salary cap to fall somewhere between $140 million and $143 million. The NFLPA has now put together their own projections, and they expect it to be right around $143 million. Albert Breer tweeted that out, and his tweet followed this one from USA Today NFL writer Tom Pelissero:

Numbers will continue to leak out as the March 10 start of the league year approaches. The NFLPA wants a higher projection out there in part because it gives players a little bit more leverage in negotiations before free agency starts. We won't see many players sign deals before free agency gets going, but a little extra leverage does not hurt.

The figure itself is determine through a projection of 2015 revenues, so there is a process to calculating the projection. Right now, we've got a $143 million projection from the NFLPA, and $138.6 million to $141.8 million from the NFL Management Council. The Management Council is effectively the management side of the labor negotiations for the NFL.