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Carlos Hyde did some workouts with LeBron James

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The San Francisco 49ers are scattered far and wide before the offseason workout program begins in April. We have an update on Carlos Hyde's offseason work.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers running back Carlos Hyde is down in Miami at this point in the offseason, getting some workouts in with strength, conditioning and general athletic trainer David Alexander. If you check out Instagram feeds for Alexander and Hyde, you can see a host of video and pictures from their recent workouts. I figured I would post a few of them, but if you are on Instagram you can follow either guy to see what they are up to.

The facility is apparently frequented on occasion by Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James. The NBA just got back from the All Star Break, and following Sunday's All Star Game, James was down in Miami working with Alexander. This appears to be the only picture of Hyde and James.

This first video features Hyde doing boxing drills and strength work. More and more football players are picking up boxing as a way to work on hand-eye coordination, while also getting in a good aerobic workout. Frank Gore has been doing similar work the last few years.

Carlos Hyde #Focused @el_guapo1 Putting in another day of Hard Work!

A video posted by David Alexander (@dzandertraining) on

Here is a picture of Carlos Hyde on a medicine ball wearing an elevation training mask. I believe this is the kind of thing we see Marshawn Lynch wearing during pre-game warm-ups. You can read more about the mask HERE.

@el_guapo1 #Focused #TheFuture #StriveForGreatness

A photo posted by David Alexander (@dzandertraining) on

Hyde was firmly entrenched as Gore's backup running back in 2014, but we don't know what 2015 holds. Gore is a free agent, and it remains to be seen where he will be in 2015. He is likely looking for a chance to remain a starter, so if he returns, it will be quite the competition in training camp.

If Gore departs in free agency, Hyde seems like a virtual certainty to take over the No. 1 duties. Kendall Hunter will be back from his torn ACL, but he is simply competing for a roster spot as much or more than significant playing time. The 49ers could also add another running back or two in free agency or the draft, but for now, Hyde and Hunter are the two most likely options in the backfield if Gore departs.