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49ers to meet with Marcus Peters Saturday evening at 2015 NFL Combine

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The San Francisco 49ers will meet with a talented cornerback on Saturday. I'd imagine they'll have a few questions about the fact that he was booted off the team in November.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers can meet with up to 60 players during the NFL Combine, and one such interview will include a cornerback with some off-field issues. Washington cornerback Marcus Peters is set to meet with the 49ers Saturday evening, in advance of his Monday workout. The 49ers have already met with tight end Clive Walford and wide receiver Phillip Dorsett.

Odds are probably good they do not draft any of these players, but these meetings give the 49ers a chance to learn a little bit more about them. The 49ers secondary coach, Tim Lewis, is on hand for the Combine, and will be working with defensive backs during their Monday drills. It makes sense then that he likely would be part of the group meeting defensive backs.

Peters has the expected size, standing 6'0, 198 pounds. He can get physical as needed and play in a variety of schemes. However, the big question mark with Peters is his emotional make-up. He was kicked off the Washington team following a variety of transgressions. He was suspended a game for throwing his helmet and gloves, which came after he got a personal foul for head-butting an opponent. He was dismissed from the team in November following run-ins with the coaching staff. It's safe to say the 49ers will have a few questions about his issues with Washington. He has started answering some questions on the issues, but there will be plenty more.