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Not many agents use koozies to promote their players

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Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The NFL Combine provides teams a chance to observe most of the notable draft eligible players. However, it is also a huge event for front office-agent discussions. Whether it be promoting a current free agent, or trying to get some buzz for a draft-eligible client, the Combine is a rare time we see such a huge collection of NFL movers and shakers.

Which brings us to the koozie. An ESPN reporter was in an Indianapolis bathroom, and he came across these koozies for East Carolina long-snapper Chris Coggins. It appears Coggins was not in attendance at the Combine, and his best bet to join a team will be as an undrafted free agent. But at least his agent is doing what he can to hussle for his client. At the very least, maybe he gets a tryout at rookie minicamp later this summer.

Either way, this kind of cracks me up.