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Golden Nuggets: Watch Colin Kaepernick vs. Russell Wilson vs. Marcus Mariota in the 40-yard dash

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49ers links for February 22, 2015.

The 2015 NFL Combine got through the high profile players on Saturday, as quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers ran through the 40-yard dash and their position-specific skills drills. Naturally this allowed for some reflection on previous 40s.

The folks at NFL Network have frequently put together overlapping video of different 40s, both in the same year, and over time. On Saturday, they put together a video overlaying the 40s of Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Marcus Mariota. They are all different players, with Kap being the particular outlier given his size. However, it is still interesting to watch their 40s. Here is a GIF of that.

Fooch's Update: And yes, it does look like the video was pretty poorly put together given Kap and Wilson's actual 40 times. Odd.

Wilson and Mariota are going to have the better short quickness. We've seen Wilson do amazing things in the pocket, and that comes in part due to being a smaller guy. Kap is a much bigger player than both of these guys. It can hinder him in the pocket, but when he gets into the open field, watch out! There are few players really at any position that have the kind of open field speed of Kap. When those long legs can get going as he moves down field, he is hard to stop. It really is a lot of fun watching Kap get a seam and take off.

Much of the discussion on Saturday was about wide receivers. It was a strong day for the top end wide receivers, with Phillip Dorsett and Dorial Beckham-Green both looking strong. Amari Cooper did not hurt himself with his performance, and now the top end of the wide receiver rankings will be pretty jam packed.

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