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49ers meeting with cornerback Doran Grant at 2015 NFL Combine

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The San Francisco 49ers are adding a cornerback to their mix of up to 60 NFL Combine interviews. We take a look at the latest on Ohio State cornerback Doran Grant.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Combine wraps up on Monday when the defensive backs run through various drills. In the meantime, those same players are wrapping up their meetings with teams this weekend. They will depart for their respective training bases Monday afternoon, but in the meantime, they get some time to talk with the various teams.

The San Francisco 49ers met with former Washington cornerback Marcus Peters on Saturday, and they are also set to meet with Ohio State cornerback Dorant Grant. By the end of the Combine, the 49ers will have hosted as many as 60 of these meetings. We'll likely never know the full list of players they meet with, but we know they will not draft almost all of the players they visit with, if any of them.

Grant is a guy who would likely be a day three pick, although a strong Combine and Pro Day could move him into Day 2. I've been poking around rankings, and they all have him in the double digits among cornerbacks. Matt Miller ranks him No. 21, ESPN ranks him No. 12, and Walter Football ranks him No. 16. SB Nation ranked him No. 19 back in December, so we'll see how he moves following the Combine.

We'll have our own cornerback rankings later this week. In the meantime, who will you be watching for Monday during defensive back drills?