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Video of Marcus Martin doing some boxing drills, strength work

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Check out the 49ers center doing some offseason work to improve at his craft.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, we saw San Francisco 49ers running back Carlos Hyde doing some offseason workouts at a gym where LeBron James was visiting. Today, we've got Instagram video of center Marcus Martin doing some boxing drills, and another video of him doing some other work earlier in the week.

We can't really learn much of anything from workouts, but it's interesting to see the players keeping busy trying to improve. Last month, Martin spent some time visiting with former 49ers center Jesse Sapolu. We don't know how much they discussed, or if those visits will continue, but again, it's good to see Martin taking advantage of an all-time franchise great like Sapolu.

While these videos don't tell us a whole lot (other than Hyde not being the greatest boxer in the previous post!), I'll keep an eye out for more of them to share.

It just work on a Friday Core x Sled x Boxing ... @camacho100 #GRIND

A video posted by Marcus Martin (@therealdoublems) on

"Pain is weakness Leaving the body..." @camacho100 #GRIND

A video posted by Marcus Martin (@therealdoublems) on