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Vernon Davis joins Aldon Smith in putting house on sale

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The San Francisco 49ers have a second player putting his house on the market. I don't think there's anything to make of it other than a basic financial decision.


Earlier this week, we learned that San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith has put his South Bay home on sale. He is now joined on the real estate market by a teammate. Tight end Vernon Davis has put his own San Jose home on the market. Davis bought the house for $1.98 million, and is asking for $2,449,888. You can view pictures of the house HERE.

This news came up a couple days ago, but I figured it was worth addressing even after the fact. This is actually the second house Vernon Davis will sell. Last fall, Davis sold a condo he owns in Marina Del Ray down in Southern California.

Davis is one of several players who is a candidate to be released for salary cap reasons. Trent Baalke said earlier this week that he "absolutely" "envisions" Davis being on the roster in 2015. Anything can change, and of course Davis could at the very least be headed to free agency next year.

My guess is he and Aldon view now as a good time to unload real estate. I don't pay much attention to real estate value, so if you know the South Bay real estate market, feel free to correct me on how the market looks right now. But I don't view this as some kind of indicator of what could go down in the near future. I figure these are strictly financial decisions.

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