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NFL mock draft database 2015: NFL Combine results in some shake-up

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The NFL Combine saw some good and bad performances, and naturally that has media shaking up their 2015 NFL mock drafts. We have updated our database, which has started to reflect that.

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It has been a few weeks since I provided an update to our mock draft database, so here we go! The latest round of NFL mock drafts have started to reflect changes in player perception due to the various drills. Teams likely already have a good handle on a player. However, for media that do not spend all day watching college film, and do not know what teams think about their own teams, perception takes some time to catch up. And while it will be far from perfect, it at least gives us some kind of context.

The most notable change is seeing Kevin White moving out of the reach of the San Francisco 49ers. In previous iterations, White was showing up in as many as eight mock drafts. In our latest update, he shows up in four mock drafts, and two of those mock drafts have not yet updated since the end of the Combine. My guess is one or both mocks will move White further up. He had a great run through the drills, and that has media moving him further up the board. It does not necessarily mean that is what will happen in late April, but it would not be surprising to see him go before the 49ers pick.

The wide receiver options now feature a broader mix of players. Aside from the four with Kevin White, we can see four mocks with DeVante Parker, and then a scattering that includes Dorial Green-Beckham, Sammie Coates, Devin Smith and Breshad Perriman. A virtual grab-bag of wide receivers.

Cornerback remains second with five mocks. Three of those mocks went with Marcus Peters, and two went with Trae Waynes. While I do think the 49ers can find the answers they need internally, in a league that has become so pass-heavy, a cornerback would not be surprising. Tramaine Brock and Dontae Johnson currently slot into the top of the cornerback depth chart, but we still don't know what will happen with Chris Culliver and Perrish Cox. If one of them returns to the 49ers, then I would see cornerback slipping down the needs board.

The board still includes one running back (an old mock I might replace next time around), one offensive tackle, and four defensive linemen. Our friends at Gang Green Nation went with an interior lineman to the 49ers in their mock on Monday. I don't think an interior lineman would be a stunning pick, but it would be a little bit of a surprise. Mike Iupati is a free agent, and we don't really know how the team views his potential replacement if he walks. Brandon Thomas is the guy I hope can take over job, but the loser of the Marcus Martin, Daniel Kilgore competition at center will be in the mix, as will Joe Looney to some extent.