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NFL Network needs to fire Heath Evans

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I was poking around Twitter this evening when I came across something that just left me shaking my head. NFL Network had a segment, and I did not see it, but according to Twitter...well....

Apparently Heath Evans is opining once again. While I would not say he is the Skip Bayless of NFL Network (it takes a lot more to be that awful), he is pretty bad. I generally change the channel when he shows up, and really, I have found myself watching a lot less NFL Network in general. I watch them during the Draft, and I generally watch their Sunday gameday show in the fall, but otherwise, I just can't handle some of the people they have on their programs.

The 49ers defense has taken its share of hits in recent years, and yet it keeps on plugging along. The unit hit some speed bumps along the way, so I'm not here to pretend it has been a constantly rising group. But considering some of the losses over the years, it has done great work. You can make arguments about the hits, but pointing to losses like that of Dashon Goldson holds zero value in the discussion.

I don't expect NFL Network to fire Evans anytime. The networks will fire someone for getting arrested, but if they are incompetent, it does not matter so long as they can string a few sentences together. And so, I will continue to change the channel when Evans comes on, or just avoid the channel entirely.