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Fooch's 49ers calendar: February 25

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Welcome back for day two of Fooch's 49ers calendar! Yesterday, I introduced what will hopefully be an every day feature here at NN. I got a 49ers tear-away calendar for Christmas, and I figured it makes for a fun end of day open thread. I might occasionally mix it in earlier on some days, but the goal is to run this every day through the end of the year. And really, if I continue to get this calendar every year, I'll keep posting it, and you won't need one!

Today's trivia once again involves 2012. I double-checked upcoming days, and I can safely say this is not going to be an every-day thing. Somehow I just started this right in the mix of a brief run of 2012 trivia.

That 2012 team did some great things on defense, and that stretch of games with single-digit points allowed shows. That stretch included the following games:

Week 4: 34-0 win over Jets
Week 5: 45-3 win over Bills
Week 7: 13-6 win over Seahawks
Week 8: 24-3 win over Cardinals
Week 11: 32-7 win over Bears

The defense slowed down pretty considerably late in the season following Justin Smith's triceps injury. He went down in Week 15 against the New England Patriots, and sat out until the playoffs. He returned in January, but essentially played with one arm. Add in Aldon Smith playing the last portion of the season with a torn labrum, and it is no surprise the defense struggled closing out the season. Woulda/coulda/shoulda is never helpful, but man, imagine if that defense had been healthy? C'est la vie.