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Golden Nuggets: Ricky Jean-Francois "might" come back to the 49ers

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Thursday, February 26, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning everyone. You know, when I write these articles, I get a big list of all the 49ers links from the major websites around the web. It is really interesting from my perspective, because I can see what all the major beat writers write about and when they publish their work. Usually what I end up with is seven or eight versions which all essentially amount to the same story. Days like yesterday really make things interesting when there is (lets be honest) nothing going on. The biggest news to come out of yesterday is that Ricky Jean-Francois, who played for the 49ers for several years before a two year stint with the Colts, will meet with the 49ers. A fine rotational defensive lineman sure, but are we really that starved for news that we need nine different versions of the same report that Ricky Jean Francois "might" pick the 49ers?

In other news, the 49ers are apparently close with Australian Rugby player Jarred Hayne. My opinion on this? Good players have the potential to come from anywhere, so why not look everywhere? I wish I could say I was surprised by the reaction to the article I read, but I am not. Apparently, because Lawrence Okoye hasn't made the rotation in two years since never playing football, no player can successfully make the transition. Now, I understand, it would be difficult for anyone to play one sport your entire life, and then try and change to another (at the professional level) when you are 27. Still, if you are telling me that guys with physical tools can't be taught fundamentals, I vehemently disagree. I'll gladly take him on our practice squad because I believe that If he works out, the potential gains are much higher than Joe Schmo undrafted rookie from Run of the Mill University. To the links.

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