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Fooch's 49ers calendar: February 26

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Welcome back to Fooch's 49ers calendar! For those who missed it previously, this past Christmas I received a 49ers tear-away calendar for Christmas. I've gotten them frequently over the years, and it makes for a fun day-by-day look at 49ers history. Given that we are all 49ers fans here (minus you Seahawks fans!), I thought it would be fun to create a daily open thread featuring that day's calendar page. It will feature trivia of some kind, be it just some details, or a question and answer.

After two days of 2012 trivia, today takes a dip further into the past. How about a member of the 1984 Super Bowl team? If you have read the question and don't know the answer, it is Wendell Tyler. The 49ers acquired Tyler in 1983, after he spent the first six years of his career with the Los Angeles Rams. I am not sure if it was a trade, or if Tyler was released by the Rams, but either way, he ended up with the 49ers. In four seasons, Tyler rushed for 3,112 yards, averaging five yards per carry. He was the leading rusher on that 1984 championship team, although Roger Craig was already pushing him. Tyler had 246 carries in 1984, while Craig had 155, in what was the latter's second season in the league.

1984 was Tyler's best season, finishing with 1,262 rushing yards. In 1985, he slipped behind Craig on the depth chart, and played in 13 games. In 1986, he slipped even further due to injuries, and retired after the 1986 season.

One random, interesting tidbit is that Tyler was once offered in a package with Ronnie Lott for the rights to Bo Jackson. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had Jackson's rights, but he had said he had no plans on playing for them. The Bucs ended up turning down the offer, and Bo Jackson ended up going back into the draft the following year.