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Ricky Jean Francois signs 3-year deal with Washington

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The San Francisco 49ers will not bring back Ricky Jean Francois, as he has signed a deal with Washington. How will the team address the defensive line this offseason?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

So much for the return of peanut butter jelly time. Ricky Jean Francois has signed a three year contract with Washington. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus informed various national media that the deal is worth $9 million, with $4 million guaranteed, and could have a max value of $11.25 million.

The Indianapolis Colts released RJF earlier this week, and he reportedly drew interest from the 49ers, Seahawks and Washington. RJF sent out some tweets that seemed to indicate he was visiting the west coast yesterday. This all cleared up quickly, and we are left to wonder whether or not the 49ers got an offer in to RJF. Maybe the team feels comfortable enough along the line, or maybe they could not beat a Washington offer. Who knows.

The 49ers move forward with questions along the line. We are still waiting for word on Justin Smith, who likely is meeting with Jim Tomsula in the near future, if he has not already. How comfortable are you with the line moving forward if Smith returns, and if he retires? How do you think the 49ers address the line this offseason, if at all?