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Adrian Peterson rumors: Cardinals, Colts, Cowboys could be on the radar

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The NFL, Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson are trying to sort through the running back's status moving forward. And with that, the trade rumors have begun.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Adrian Peterson drama is in full swing, with word on Thursday that a district court judge vacated the arbitrator's decision upholding his suspension. The judge remanded it back to the arbitrator for further proceedings, and the NFL is also considering its options for appeal.

Whether the NFL wins an appeal or not, Adrian Peterson's suspension will end in the near future, and his long-term future will come into focus. Peterson has a $15.4 million cap figure in 2015, and the Vikings can save $13 million in cap space if they release or trade him. That has gotten plenty of chatter, with the Dallas Cowboys emerging as an early trade candidate.

Fortunately for the rumor mill, we now have AP's dad chiming in. Papa Peterson conducted a phone interview with the Pioneer Press, and he passed along some of the rumors he has heard. He suggested the Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts all could be on the radar.

I think Peterson ends up staying in Minnesota, but those are certainly some intriguing destinations. Peterson's status, combined with Marshawn Lynch's still unknown status in Seattle (an extension offer might be on the table, but nobody really knows if he will retire), impacts the running back market in a pretty huge way. If AP ends up in Indianapolis, that very well could make it easier for the San Francisco 49ers to get a new deal done with Frank Gore.

On the other hand, if AP ends up in Arizona, the NFC West gets a whole lot more intriguing. It would cost the Cardinals quite a bit to get AP, but for the short term, they would be quite the threat. Andre Ellington is a talented back, but imagine having him AND Adrian Peterson in the backfield. And if the Cardinals ended up dealing Ellington to get Peterson, I think it's safe to say most would view that as an upgrade.

Like I said above, I do think he ends up staying in Minnesota. However, until that happens, the running back market will remain moderately unstable.