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Jim Harbaugh misses Eddie DeBartolo fundraiser event due to spring practice

Jim Harbaugh sent this tweet out earlier today, and I kinda snickered when I saw it. The DeBartolo Family Foundation is holding their 12th annual charity gala Saturday evening. The gala raises money for the various programs the Foundation supports, including college scholarships, school supplies for teachers, and so much more.

Michigan started their spring practice this past week, and naturally Coach Harbaugh is on hand for that. However, it is disappointing he will not be at the DeBartolo family event, as I imagine Jed York and his family are likely to be present. I'm sure it is just a matter of inconvenient timing with the event, but getting them all under the same roof for this event might be significant proof that there is a higher power, and that higher power has a sense of humor!

It is not really that big a deal, but the whole thing is just amusing to consider. Well, in my head it is.