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2015 NFL mock draft: 7 rounds of 49ers picks

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Time to look at seven round mock draft, and see how the positions shake out. It is too early to successfully predict names, but discussing the positions has some value.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We are fully into draft season at this point, which means NFL mock drafts are expanding each week. Most people are putting together fairly basic one round mocks, with some two-round mocks popping up. Friend of the site Matt Miller decided to just skip all the nonsense and put out a seven-round mock draft over at Bleacher Report!

A seven-round mock draft in February is a little bit extreme. Free agency is still five weeks away, we have not even had the NFL Combine yet, and comp picks are not even factored in yet. However, I do think there is value in a lengthy mock draft as an exercise in roster needs. We may not know who the San Francisco 49ers are actually interested in, and we certainly don't know who will rise and fall in the coming months, but the positions can tell us something.

Here is who Mastt mocked out for the seven rounds. The link on the player is to that page in the mock draft

1. WR Jaelen Strong
2. CB Quinten Rollins
3. G A.J. Cann
4. TE Tyler Kroft
5. WR Antwan Goodley
6. DT Joey Mbu
7. CB Nick Marshall

I am only just now getting a better understanding of prospects, so feel free to critique or praise these names as you see fit. Again, I think the focus should be more on positions than players at this point in the evaluation process.

In this case, Matt has the 49ers filling arguably the most important positions of need. Wide receiver and cornerback have big names hitting free agency. The 49ers have some options at guard if Mike Iupati departs, but adding another guard would not be surprising. The same could hold true on the defensive line, with Ray McDonald gone, and Justin Smith a big question mark. Questions surround the young talent behind him.

The tight end pick has me intrigued. The 49ers tight end position was a dumpster fire in 2014. There were numerous injuries and overall ineffectiveness. Vernon Davis denied being hurt, but he looked pretty awful for most of the season. Sometimes it looked like he didn't give a crap, but I do still wonder how injuries might have factored in. Given all that, and the money (Vernon) and draft capital (Vance) invested in the position, what do you see the 49ers doing this year at the tight end position?