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49ers draft history: When Kentwan Balmer became Colin Jones became Kaleb Ramsey

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The San Francisco 49ers made what proved to be a very bad decision on draft day 2008 when they selected Kentwan Balmer. Here is how that decision evolved since.

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The close of the NFL season means we are entering the first "dead period" of the offseason. The two to three weeks in February between the Super Bowl and the start of the NFL Combine is the first real slow stretch of time. Things pick up with the Combine followed by a combination of draft prospect workouts and free agency. The next significant down time will be in late June and July, between the end of mandatory minicamp, and the start of training camp.

All that is to say, there is a lot of random conversation going on right now. Some people are neck-deep into draft discussion, others are wrapping up the Super Bowl, and still others are discussing the new coaching staff. I was poking around Twitter, and 49ers beat writer Christian Gin brought up an interesting point in discussing some 49ers draft history.

I had not thought about Kentwan Balmer in quite some time. He was abysmal in his limited time with the 49ers, and I think everybody was fine with the team getting whatever they could for him. It was a waste first round pick, but they did at least get one solid season of Colin Jones special teams play, and some potential upside in Kaleb Ramsey.

The 49ers placed Ramsey on the PUP list to open training camp, and he ended up spending the whole season there. Ramsey joined Trey Millard in re-joining the team at practice, but eventually was placed on the season-ending PUP list. He dealt with numerous injuries in college, but hopefully will be healthy for the 49ers upcoming offseason workout program. Ramsey was part of the 49ers injury additions, and at this point, any contribution is likely viewed as icing on the cake.

Now, if we could just get him returning kicks like Balmer did! The fact that Balmer ended up with seven returns over two seasons as an up-man is one of the more amusing random facts in 49ers history.