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National signing day news: Eric Reid's brother commits to Stanford, just down the road

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National Signing Day is a big day for high school recruits. We look at some news surrounding Eric Reid's brother, and where the 49ers 2014 rookie class ended up in high school rankings.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday marks National Signing Day across the country, which is when we see college football prospects submitting their official letters of intent to play at a given school. This has no real bearing on the NFL, but in one bit of interesting news, Eric Reid's brother has made his decision. Justin Reid will be attending school at Stanford, not too far down the road from Levi's Stadium. Fooch's update: I forgot about Jim Harbaugh trying to recruit Eric to Stanford.

A year ago, I took a look back at the signing day for the various members of the San Francisco 49ers roster. The 49ers have had a broad mix of former high school recruits, with players ranging from zero stars to five stars. The 49ers added a variety of players to that group, including various rookies. Here are where the rookies rated:

Jimmie Ward - 2 stars
Carlos Hyde - 4 stars
Marcus Martin - 3 stars
Chris Borland - 3 stars
Brandon Thomas - 4 stars
Bruce Ellington - 4 stars
Dontae Johnson - 3 stars
Aaron Lynch - 4 stars
Keith Reaser - 2 stars
Kenneth Acker - 3 stars
Kaleb Ramsey - 3 stars
Trey Millard - 4 stars