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Interesting comment comparing Jim Leavitt, Clancy Pendergast

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, the San Francisco 49ers reportedly hired Clancy Pendergast to be their inside linebackers coach. All indications are that he will work with Jason Tarver, the overall linebackers coach. They will replace Jim Leavitt (and I think he had an assistant) in working with the 49ers strong group of linebackers.

This morning, Football Scoop reported that Leavitt would be headed to Colorado to be their defensive coordinator. Prior to joining the 49ers, Leavitte was head coach at the University of South Florida. I always figured he would make his way back to college, but I figured it would happened before Harbaugh left. Whatever the case, he is off to his next job.

After the news broke, I came across an interesting tweet about Leavitt and Pendergast:

I don't know nearly enough about Pendergast to say what this might mean, but I'll take it as a positive. Pendergast will be focused on the inside linebackers. Depending on how Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman recover from their injuries, this could simply be as much a "do no harm" type of thing as trying to improve guys. But if he knows defense, that can't be a bad thing!