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Michael Crabtree removes 49ers from Twitter bio

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Michael Crabtree heads into free agency for the first time this March. Will we see him re-sign with the 49ers? If we want to read into his Twitter activity, maybe not. Of course, it is just Twitter.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday morning, someone tweeted at me mentioning that Michael Crabtree had removed a mention of the 49ers from his bio. If you go to his Twitter page, his bio shows up as this:

I had not paid much attention to his bio previously, so I poked around in the Web archive. Here is what his bio looked like prior to the end of the season:

Back in August, there were a couple reports related to Crabtree's contract status. On August 19, Ian Rapoport reported Crabtree and the 49ers had made progress, and the hope was to get a deal done before the season. Rapoport also said that if nothing got done, it would be shelved until after the season. Two days later, Matt Barrows reported someone in Crabtree's camp said the ball was in the 49ers court in regard to the negotiation.

Nothing was done by the start of the season, and we are now six weeks removed from the season. One would think there have been some kind of discussions, but we haven't heard thing one on the topic since the season ended. We are a month away from the start of the three-day negotiation period. I would hope something would spill out from either side to get us a better handle on where things stand. In the meantime, we're left to infer what we can from little things like this.