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Jim Harbaugh sub-tweets Ohio State, Buckeyes return the favor

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I realize this is a San Francisco 49ers blog, and not a Jim Harbaugh blog, but given that we're in the offseason, I still occasionally might post something newsworthy about the man. And this definitely counts, as Jim Harbaugh's personality appeared to be on full display on Saturday.

First some background. For those that are not aware, a "sub-tweet" is when you tweet something about something without mentioning them. Effectively you're talking behind someone's back. You could reference them directly without including their twitter handle, or you could go slightly more passive-aggressive by not even using their name.

This past week was national signing day for colleges. That is when they can sign their recruits to formal letters of intent. There can be all sorts of drama with this. One notable example occurred recently when Ohio State signed a Detroit running back to a formal letter of intent. Shortly after signing day passed, Ohio State's running backs coach departed for the same job with the Chicago Bears. The coach was heavily involved in the recruiting of the running back, and there are reports the player had an understanding that the coach was not going anywhere.

Earlier today, Jim Harbaugh tweeted this:

This afternoon, Ohio State's director of player personnel tweeted this out:

When Jim Harbaugh left the 49ers for Michigan, most people assumed the rivalry with Urban Meyer and Ohio State would grow to be fairly intense. Harbaugh might deny this being a sub-tweet, but it's safe to say the rivalry is already well on its way to epic levels. I'm not really a big college football fan, but I will be watching the Michigan-Ohio State game this year.

And honestly, I'll be paying attention to how Michigan does. For some 49ers fans, Jim Harbaugh is already a distant memory. For me, he is such an intriguing personality, that I can't help but be curious to see how he does back at the college level. I see no reason to think he won't be a success, but it does not make him any less fascinating.