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The first Sunday after football

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The San Francisco 49ers season ended over a month ago, and yet today marks the first Sunday of absolutely nothing related to football since July. The preseason started with the Hall of Fame game on August 3. There was no football the last Sunday of August, but we had roster cuts to break down, and preparation for Week 1.

It's only been a week since the Super Bowl wrapped, and we are left with a fairly quiet couple of weeks moving forward. The NFL Combine gets going on February 17, but in the meantime, I think most of us are fine just hoping that things remain quiet. We've started to see some offseason screw-ups around the league, but hopefully there is not much more of that.

Over the next week and a half leading up to the Combine, we'll be doing mostly review stuff. Our rookie review will continue with undrafted free agents. We'll be starting positional reviews, and continuing our look at free agency projections. We'll do some salary cap work (including cap casualty candidates), and some more player analysis. Plenty to keep us occupied!

I'll actually be heading on vacation this coming Tuesday. I'm headed down to the Dominican Republic to go completely off the grid and re-charge my batteries. James Brady will be in charge while I'm gone, and of course we'll have the moderators to make sure you all don't kill each other while I'm gone. But I get back to Washington, DC the evening of Day 1 of the NFL Combine, so it will be perfect timing.

As we get ready for this stretch before the Combine, if there is anything you want us to look at for discussion, let us know in the comments. I'm getting some stuff scheduled out, and the whole staff will be around to help keep things going while I'm gone.