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49ers rookies 2014 review: L.J. McCray

How did L.J. McCray fare as a rookie in 2014? Will he move beyond just a special teams role in 2015?

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Each offseason, we like to run a series of articles here on Niners Nation called "90-in-90." In the post, we take a look at 90 players (or so) on the San Francisco 49ers 90-man roster throughout the offseason and what we can expect of them the following year. We take a look at their expected impact, whether or not they'll make the roster and things of that nature. For rookies, we're going back and looking at how we did with those posts.

Thus far, we've taken a look at Chris BorlandJimmie WardCarlos HydeMarcus MartinDontae JohnsonBruce Ellington and Aaron Lynch. Today, we're going to take a look at special teams player L.J. McCray. The 49ers had a few notable undrafted free agents, with McCray, Dillon Farrell and Asante Cleveland earning roster spots.

I handled the 90-in-90 breakdown back in mid-July. I suggested he would potentially end up on the practice squad, but not much else beyond that. It's safe to say I was a little off. McCray finished the season active for 14 games. He got seven defensive snaps, while playing significant special teams snaps in those 14 games.

The 49ers provided a ranking of points for special teams, and McCray ranked fourth on the entire roster. There is not a clear-cut explanation of how points are accrued, but part of it has to come from all the snaps he played. Pro Football Focus ranked out special teams players, and McCray graded out pretty poorly. He graded out last among 49ers special teams contributors, and close to the bottom of the entire league. Not exactly inspiring.

Will we see McCray move beyond just a special teams role in 2015? Will we even see him make the roster in his second year? It seems like he'd have an advantage, but with a new special teams coach and more youngsters coming in with the draft, McCray could find himself in a tough position this summer.