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NFL mock draft 2015: Will free agency really impact the 49ers potential first round pick?

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The San Francisco 49ers will likely make some moves in free agency, but will it be enough to impact their first round pick?

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The NFL Combine is a little over a week away, so until then we are not going to see drastic changes in mock drafts. Dan Kadar put together Mocking The Draft's latest NFL mock draft, and he once again has the San Francisco 49ers selecting West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White. In considering the pick, Dan said other options included defensive tackle Eddie Goldman and defensive end Arik Armstead.

I added a poll here to get people's thoughts on how the 49ers will use their first round pick. I recognize that it is too early to know anything for certain. Free agency is still a month away, and that could very well change things. I actually do not expect the 49ers to invest much in free agent wide receivers. In reality, I do not expect the 49ers to invest a whole lot of much in free agency. They will add depth, but I am not expecting significant changes to the 49ers needs based on free agency. Realistically, I just don't expect the 49ers draft needs to change much due to free agency. Do you think that will be the case, or do you see the team investing heavily in a particular position?

If you think the 49ers will trade up for a given position, vote for the position. If you think they will trade out of the first round, vote for that last option, and not the position they end up drafting after that trade.