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Mike Solari joins Packers, Mike McCarthy to give up play-calling to Tom Clements

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The Green Bay Packers are making some changes to their coaching staff. They are adding a former 49ers assistant, and adjusting some of the duties on the offensive side of the ball.

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It has been less than a week since Wes took a look at the Green Bay Packers in our review of San Francisco 49ers opponents, and we already have some new information. The team is expected to hire former 49ers offensive line coach Mike Solari, and in an unrelated move Mike McCarthy is expected to give up play-calling duties.

Solari's role has not yet been defined, although ESPN's Packers beat writer suggested it could assistant offensive line duties. Solari was one of many 49ers assistants to be let out of their contract when the 49ers "parted ways" with Jim Harbaugh. The team subsequently hired Chris Foerster to coach the offensive line, and Eric Wolford to serve as assistant offensive line coach.

The play-calling news is a bit more intriguing given that the 49ers and Packers will face off at some point in 2015. McCarthy got a ton of criticism for his conservative play-calling at times in the NFC Championship Game. Packers fans are having an interesting discussion in the comments of this post. The Packers offense ranked number one in the league in offense, according to Football Outsiders.

The discussion has focused more on game management decisions, including things like two-point conversions and fourth down. As head coach, one would think McCarthy would still retain some sort of final authority on these decisions. If that is the case, it would not actually seem to change a whole lot that resulted in recent criticisms. Some of the discussion has focused on McCarthy wanting to get his assistants more in the spotlight for purposes of getting head coach interviews. This could be a situation where Tom Clements and Edgar Bennett (the two promoted coaches) benefit from the strong Packers offense, but in reality, not much changes in game management.