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Could Nick Foles end up with the St. Louis Rams?

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The St. Louis Rams and Philadelphia Eagles both seem to have some notable question marks at the quarterback position. Are changes in store this offseason?

Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

It's a quiet time in the NFL right now, which means random little rumors get a little more air time. This rumor is a couple weeks old now, but still an interesting one to consider over the next month. Back in late January, Eliot Shorr-Parks of reported that the St. Louis Rams had some interest in Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles if he were to be traded.

Foles is signed to a relatively inexpensive deal through the 2015 season. The folks at Bleeding Green Nation have had plenty of discussion about the future of Foles, as well as the Eagles plans for the upcoming draft. In particular, they have had a lot of discussion about Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. Given Chip Kelly's knowledge of the Oregon program, it is not the most difficult connection to make. NFL quarterbacks come under fire pretty quickly if they don't show enough improvement to satiate fans and the media, and Foles is getting a little bit of that.

On the other side of the coin, you've got a St. Louis Rams that has had to sort of drag its feet for years now while wondering what Sam Bradford actually brings to the table. Naturally, the team wants to restructure his rookie contract. There have been suggestions by plenty about officially cutting ties with Bradford, but now there are random rumors that some teams prefer a guy like Bradford over both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. Believe what you want from that.

This is all pretty crazy. The Rams seem to be perfectly comfortable just hoping for the best with Bradford, and not really pushing the envelope too much with their quarterback position. The Rams defense is getting stronger and stronger, and they have some intriguing options in the run game. And yet their passing attack continues to scuffle along. Will they finally rip off the band-aid and make a change, or can they actually take a step forward with Bradford at the helm?