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San Francisco 49ers announce full coaching staff

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The San Francisco 49ers coaching staff appears to be complete. How would you rate it?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

And just like that, there is a coaching staff. After weeks of rumors, the San Francisco 49ers officially announced their full coaching staff. It has gone down pretty much as the rumors indicated, with a couple additions. D.J. Boldin, Anquan's brother, will stick around as an offensive assistant. Additionally, the team has hired Richard Hightower to be Thomas McGaughey's assistant on special teams. Down below you can read the complete list of coaches, along with a link to when they were connected to the 49ers for their position.

When it appeared the coaching staff was rounding into form, I put together a pair of polls to get people's thoughts on the coaches. The offensive coaching staff vote was decidedly more negative, as one might expect. 5 got the plurality of vote, with 1 coming in second. 1 through 6 all got into double digits in percentage of votes. On the defensive side of the ball, 5 also got the plurality of the vote, with 7 coming in a close second. 4 through 7 all ended up with double digits.

I've added a poll for the entire coaching staff. How would you rate it?


Geep Chryst: Offensive Coordinator - NEWS
Steve Logan: Quarterbacks - NEWS
Tom Rathman: Running Backs - NEWS
Ronald Curry: Wide Receivers - NEWS
Adam Henry: Wide Receivers - NEWS
Tony Sparano: Tight Ends - NEWS
Chris Foerster: Offensive Line - NEWS
Eric Wolford: Assistant Offensive Line - NEWS
D.J. Boldin: Offensive Assistant


Eric Mangini: Defensive Coordinator - NEWS
Scott Brown: Defensive Line - NEWS
Jason Tarver: Senior Defensive Assistant/Linebackers - NEWS
Clancy Pendergast: Linebackers - NEWS
Tim Lewis: Secondary - NEWS
Ejiro Evero: Defensive Assistant
Aubrayo Franklin: Defensive Assistant - NEWS
Mick Lombardi: Defensive Assistant - NEWS

Special Teams

Thomas McGaughey Jr.: Special Teams Coordinator - NEWS
Richard Hightower: Assistant Special Teams