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I'm getting out of the Stevie Johnson Instagram interpretation business

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday afternoon, an Instagram account purporting to belong to San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Stevie Johnson gave off an impression that his time with the team might be coming to an end. I say purporting because it is not verified. I have heard from some folks that indicate there is a good chance the account belongs to Johnson, but Johnson has not said anything directly on his verified Twitter account.

I say "gave off an impression" because he does not in fact come right out and say he has been released, and now the account has a new post that would indicate maybe he is not gone yet.

If this is not Johnson's Instagram account, some loser is clearly trolling all of us. However, for argument's sake, let's say this is in fact his account. If that is the case, I could have been misinterpreting his Saturday post, or I am not understanding his post, and subsequent comment (arrow pointed to the ^ sign, which would seem to indicate he is pointing to the comment saying we are overreacting).

Whatever the case, it is probably a good idea for me to stop trying to interpret this Instagram account. I am going to continue looking for ways to verify that this is or is not Johnson's account. In the meantime, I guess we wait and see whether Dianna Russini is right and he gets released, or whether a pay cut ends up happening. I can safely say right now that I clearly have no idea what is going on!