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Frank Gore, Andre Johnson could both be headed to Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts may add a package deal from the U. The latest rumor has Andre Johnson and Frank Gore both joining Andrew Luck.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Fooch's update: Adam Schefter reporting a deal has been agreed to (can't be signed until 1 p.m. PT. PFT reporting a decision has not been made.

We are fast approaching the time where it will be former San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore. Over the weekend, there were rumors he was signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. He reportedly got cold feet, and now the rumors have him headed to the Indianapolis Colts. That very well could change, but according to Lance Zierlein, Gore might be joining Andre Johnson in a reunion of the U at Indianapolis.

I have to admit, if Frank Gore was ever going to leave the 49ers, the Indianapolis Colts was high on my list of acceptable destinations. Obviously if he had gone to places like Seattle or Dallas, it would have been easy to get annoyed. However, Indianapolis moves him to the AFC, and would be a team that I generally have enjoyed watching in recent years. It is primarily due to Andrew Luck's presence. I am generally rooting for them when they are on TV, except of course against the 49ers.

Adding Gore and Johnson is a win now move, which makes sense given that they are in the middle of Andrew Luck's prime. Both Gore and Johnson are nearing the end of their respective careers, and one last push in Indianapolis makes sense. If this deal does go down, I think it is safe to say I will be paying particularly close attention to the Colts in 2015.