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49ers meet with Louisville WR DeVante Parker

The San Francisco 49ers added Torrey Smith on Tuesday, but they might not be finished with the wide receiver position.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

While free agency madness rolls along, NFL Draft Pro Days continue across the country. Louisville was one program in action today, and that gave media and scouts a chance to observe and speak with wide receiver DeVante Parker. Local media spoke with Parker about who he has spoken with, and he mentioned the San Francisco 49ers, among others.

The 49ers signed Torrey Smith to a 5-year deal on Tuesday, which will pair him with Anquan Boldin for at least one year. Boldin is signed through this coming season, and then the rest of his deal voids out. It is possible the 49ers extend him further, but either way, he is nearing the end of his career. The team has Jerome Simpson, Quinton Patton and Bruce Ellington behind Boldin and Smith, so the position does not have a ton of long-term stability.

I have a feeling the 49ers end up investing their first round pick in the defensive line, with cornerback and offensive guard potential options as well. However, wide receiver is not entirely out of the realm of the possible for that first pick.