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Breaking down Kyle Nelson contract following 4-year extension

We've got Kyle Nelson's contract figures. It's long snapper time!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers signed long snapper/tight end Kyle Nelson over the weekend, and announced the deal Tuesday afternoon. Nelson signed a four year deal worth $3.48 million, and we have some details, courtesy of NFL reporter Aaron Wilson.

The deal includes $600,000 in guaranteed money. Wilson did not clarify if that meant a salary guarantee or a signing bonus. Over The Cap has it as a signing bonus, but we are working to confirm that information. In the rundown of numbers below, we include it as a signing bonus. If it ends up being only a guarantee of 2015 salary, that would remove $150,000 in cap hit each year.

This locks up the long snapper through the 2018 season, when he will be 32. Assuming Nelson sticks around, this will mark the longest tenure of a long snapper since Brian Jennings (not too long ago, obviously). The team is obviously confident in Nelson, but can still get out of the deal with minimal problems.

Signing Bonus: $600,000


Base salary: $660,000
Cap hit: $810,000


Base salary: $795,000
Workout bonus: $25,000
Cap hit: $970,000


Base salary: $795,000
Workout bonus: $25,000
Cap hit: $1,150,000


Base salary: $975,000
Workout bonus: $25,000
Cap hit: $1,150,000