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Trent Baalke denies Greg Hardy rumors, Stevie Johnson release, potential Ahmad Brooks release

The San Francisco 49ers general manager denied pretty much everything he could on Wednesday. Not surprising, but amusing nonetheless.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers general manager spoke with the media after Torrey Smith's press conference this afternoon, and he was in fine denial form. There have been numerous reports about a variety of topics and he denied everything:

1. The 49ers have released Stevie Johnson: Baalke said no they have no, although reports indicate they have, and Stevie posted on Twitter, "Thank you #SF". I suppose he could be thanking them for a new deal, but I am a little bit skeptical about that. (Fooch's note: Cam Inman tweeted the paperwork is still being processed, so technically it's not official).

2. Colin Kaepernick trade rumors: Baalke said nobody has called the 49ers, and the 49ers have called nobody.

3. Mike Iupati said he played with a fractured foot: Baalke said that was news to him.

4. Ahmad Brooks could potentially be a cap casualty: Baalke said there are no plans to release Brooks.

5. The team might have interest in Greg Hardy: Baalke said the team has made no contact, and has no interest.

6. Reggie Bush visit: He actually acknowledged the visit, saying Bush was a great guy, and they had a good conversation.

It is entirely possible all of what Trent Baalke is true. My guess is there are potentially some semantics games in play. Of course, the Kap one is hard to buy. At the very least, someone had to have at least called the 49ers to get this whole thing going. The 49ers steadfastly deny it.

People are going to believe what they want. Some people believe whatever the 49ers say, some people believe none of it, and some are in the middle. We'll continue to provide transcripts and the like, but as always, there is plenty of reason to be skeptical.