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Trent Baalke: Ahmad Brooks currently set to remain with team into 2015 season

We've had plenty of speculation about Ahmad Brooks's future. Trent Baalke went on the record with his thoughts.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke spoke with the media on Wednesday following Torrey Smith's press conference, and he got a chance to answer a wide assortment of questions. As would be expected, he was asked about Ahmad Brooks's future. We have discussed the cap implications of potentially releasing Brooks, and Baalke addressed that:

"There has never been an indication from me otherwise. Right?" Baalke said. "While all that was being written I just sat back and looked at it because it was speculation based on our cap number and the cash flow had leading into free agency. A lot of assumptions were made, but wrongly."

Baalke said he foresaw Brooks being on the team for the coming season, which is similar to what he said about Vernon Davis. Given the nature of this kind of question, he really could not offer any other response. He is not going to say either will definitely be on the team this season, but he also is not going to say, "well, we're considering our options." And so, we get, player X is currently in our plans for the season.

Does this mean Ahmad Brooks will be around come Week 1? With Dan Skuta departing, I think so, but this could change depending on what the draft brings. If the right kind of talent is available, maybe Brooks gets beat out in training camp. My guess is Brooks makes it to the beginning of training camp at the very least. From there, either he is back for the season, he is cut likely in the first round of cuts, or maybe we see a Parys Haralson type of trade. Who knows at this point.