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Reggie Bush does not sign with 49ers Wednesday, likely hearing from other teams

The San Francisco 49ers did not get a deal done with Reggie Bush during his Wednesday visit. We take a look at what Trent Baalke had to say about the topic.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers welcomed running back Reggie Bush for a visit on Wednesday, but it appears he has left town without a contract. Trent Baalke addressed the media on Wednesday and said the team had a "great conversation" with Bush, and the team would now figure out their next step.

"We had a great conversation," Baalke said. "... We got out of the visit what we needed. Now it's time to sit down and go through the pros and cons and make the best decision we can, and (Bush) as well. He's going to have options. We're not the only team interested in Reggie Bush, I promise you that.

There are reports the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints are also interested in the free agent running back. Given the Patriots Super Bowl success, and Bush's history with the Saints, I have to think he will make a visit to at least one of those teams. Based on Baalke's comments, it would seem likely that the team did not make a formal offer to Bush. I suppose they could have, but to say it is time to weigh the pros and the cons indicates to me that there are still some steps in this process.

Where Bush ends up signing is tough to figure out. He recently turned 30, so he is on the back half of his career. He could potentially help bring back some speed, and dare I say, the screen game. There has been plenty of discussion in the past about Trent Baalke's desire for a three-headed rushing attack. It seemed like it was going to happen after the LaMichael James addition, but that fell flat. Now, the 49ers have another chance to add a change of pace back to the mix.

Aside from Bush, the 49ers have been connected to C.J. Spiller. Whether it be Bush or Spiller, the 49ers could add an aspect to their offense that has really not been in the playbook the last few years. I don't know how much success they would have with it, but it would be nice to see them mix things up a bit in that regard.