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DeMarco Murray expected to sign with Philadelphia Eagles, according to reports

The Philadelphia Eagles are adding one of the biggest names in free agency. It has certainly been a crazy couple weeks for Chip Kelly.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles wild offseason appears ready to take another crazy turn. After a day of speculation, ESPN's Adam Schefter is now reporting DeMarco Murray is en route to Philadelphia and is expected to sign a contract with the Eagles. Schefter is reporting the Dallas Cowboys have begun making calls around the league for other running backs with the expectation that Murray is gone.

The Eagles offseason has been all over the place. They traded LeSean McCoy, released Trent Cole, traded Nick Foles for Sam Bradford, and gave a big contract to cornerback Byron Maxwell, among other things. Adding Murray just further adds to the splash Chip Kelly has made this offseason. Murray is coming off a huge season for the Cowboys, rushing for 1,845 yards. He rushed a somewhat mind-boggling 392 times, 80 more than the No. 2 running back. He benefited from a great Cowboys offensive line, so we'll see how the Eagles line and Murray's monster 2014 workload impact his performance on this new contract.

The Eagles are going to be a fascinating team to watch this season following all the moves. There is still speculation they might try and move up to get Marcus Mariota. While Chip Kelly emphasized that Bradford is not going anywhere, there is a whole lot of time left between now and the 2015 NFL Draft. Anything can and probably will happen, so we probably should not count the Eagles out from some draft maneuvering.