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C.J. Spiller signs with New Orleans Saints

C.J. Spiller is off the market. Could this mean the 49ers pursue Reggie Bush a little more significantly?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's update: Bush has a visit with Patriots today

The San Francisco 49ers search for a backup running back slimmed down Friday morning. Adam Schefter is reporting C.J. Spiller has signed with the New Orleans Saints. Spiller had been mentioned in connection with the 49ers, but it had been nothing more than some basic rumor and speculation. It appears a visit was never set up.

The 49ers have also been connected with Reggie Bush, but Bush actually did visit the team on Wednesday. He was expected to visit with the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints, but his Saints visit was cancelled. Obviously this sort of explains why that happened. There is no word yet on when Bush might visit with the Patriots.

A lot of people had said they would rather have Spiller than Bush. While Spiller has a bit more upside with less used legs, his price also likely would have ended up higher than Bush. Additionally, Bush was released prior to free agency, so he would not count against the comp pick formula. It remains to be seen if Bush will end up signing with the 49ers, but as a complementary back off the bench behind Carlos Hyde and alongside Kendall Hunter, I can live with that. Who knows if he would actually remain healthy, but as a receiver out of the backfield, there is still some value there.