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Anquan Boldin talks Torrey Smith, Colin Kaepernick, 49ers leaders

Anquan Boldin spoke with 49ers media prior to Torrey Smith's introduction. Here's the full transcript.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers introduced Torrey Smith on Wednesday, and before the press conference, wide receiver Anquan Boldin conducted a conference call with Bay Area media. Boldin played with Smith in Baltimore for two years, so he has some unique insight into what Smith brings to the table.

You can listen to the whole thing HERE, but I also transcribed it below. Boldin talks about Smith's skills as a deep threat, as well as the value of his feet. He talks about how this will help Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis. He also went into the leadership on the team following the recent departures.

Thoughts on Torrey Smith:

I'm definitely happy about the acquisition. I think he's a guy that can definitely help us win football games. I played with him previously for two years in Baltimore. It was good for me. He helped me out on the other side of the field because we complemented each other as receivers.

On if he played a role recruiting Smith:

Yea, I did a little bit of recruiting, so I guess you could say that

On how Smith complemented him as a receiver:

I work underneath, more intermediate routes. He's a guy that can take the top off the D. With that, we complement each other.

What was his recruiting pitch:

Number one, the organization. It's a first-class organization. Something he is used to in Baltimore. And just having the opportunity to win. I think we have pieces in place to make that happen.

On the roster turnover and why he still think they can win:

The guys that we still have on the roster. Every year you are going to have guys that leave, whether it be free agency, guys retiring. But I think we have a bunch of guys that can step in to fill those roles. You have a guy like Frank, who's the all-time leading rusher for the franchise. You look behind him and you see what Carlos was able to do last year in backup of Frank was tremendous, especially being in his first year. We had both of our starting linebackers go out last year, and you have a rookie in Chris Borland who stepped in and played his butt off. You're not missing a beat. When you have guys like that as backups, and they step in and get experience in their rookie year, they only get better in their second and third year. I'm looking forward to those guys maturing as football players.

On who are the leaders of this team following turnover:

We still have leaders in the locker room. Myself, a guy like Bowman, we got a guy like Kap. There's several leaders in the locker room. I don't think leadership will be a problem for us this coming season.

On Smith helping Kap:

Big play ability. Torrey's very explosive. Again, we weren't a team that took shots down the field as much as we would have liked to last year. But when you've got a guy like Torrey, you've got to take advantage of his strengths, and the things that he brings to the game, and that's one of them.

What else does he bring besides speed:

His feet. Guys respect his feet. You're not going to find too many guys that play an opponent like that, which makes running intermediate routes that much easier for him. But he's also a guy who doesn't mind getting his nose dirty. He'll stick his head in there and get blocks, something we took pride in as receivers in Baltimore. So I think you'll see all of that.

On Boldin/Crabtree/Johnson being too similar:

You had a bunch of guys in the same mold. Guys that really were route runners underneath, yards after the catch, those type guys. Myself, Crab and Stevie, we're all in that mode.

On Kap's deep ball:

I've seen it, not this past season, but the season before. Him and Vernon connected on several deep passes. So it's not that he doesn't have the ability to throw deep. It's just at times, we just didn't call it. But I definitely think he has the ability to throw the ball down the field.

On Smith addition benefiting Vernon Davis:

Yea, I think so. It all plays a part in the big picture. When you have Torrey outside stretching the field, and me working intermediate, it gives Vernon a chance to go one-on-one. And to be honest with you, I don't think any safety or linebacker can run with Vernon one-on-one. So hopefully we can take advantage of that.

On Smith off the field:

First of all, he's a family guy. He has his wife, Chanel, he has his son T.J., and for him, that's where it all begins. He's definitely a guy that gives back, he's definitely a guy that works his butt off in the community, as well as on the field. We're getting not just a good football player, but a good guy. A guy that you don't have to worry about opening up the newspaper the next day and having a police report on him or anything like that.

On early retirements and if it is giving Boldin thoughts on future:

No. I'm just playing, I'm enjoying it. When that time comes I'll deal with it. But for now I'm just thinking about this coming season.