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Buy a Candlestick locker that might have been used by Frank Gore

You know you want to buy a Candlestick locker!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

While the bulldozers are taking down Candlestick Park, there are still opportunities to buy a souvenir or two. Over at, they are hosting a "Candlestick Memories auction". You can bid on a wide assortment of items, including several lockers.

According to the auction page, you can bid on lockers labeled "Running Back #1 - First Team", "Wide Receiver #1 - First Team", "Tight End #1 - First Team", "Inside Linebacker #1 - First Team", "Outside Linebacker #1 - First Team", "Right Defensive End #1 - First Team", and "Left Guard #1 - First Team".

Here is the RB1 locker:

I am not entirely sure if this means Frank Gore used this locker, or if it is some other kind of designation. Maybe it's a Gore locker, maybe Jewel Hampton used it in the preseason. Who knows! Either way, if you've got a few bucks to spend, this is one more way to take home some memories from the Stick. You can big specifically on the running back locker HERE.