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Blaine Gabbert contract similar to 2014 number

The numbers are coming in for Blaine Gabbert's contract. We break them down.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Details are emerging about the Blaine Gabbert contract, and we were off on the numbers. Reports had a 2-year, $2 million deal, but apparently that was $2 million per year. The deal could actually be worth as much as $4 million. National Football Post writer Aaron Wilson broke down the details on Twitter. That average is just a shade under what he earned last year, so nothing much changes.

The deal includes a $500,000 bonus, which I believe is a signing bonus, but I am not positive. Additionally, it includes $750,000 in playing time and passing yards incentives each season, as well as $50,000 each year he makes the Pro Bowl. I imagine those are listed as not likely to be earned incentives.

It's pricey for a guy I don't think many of us want to see helming the team for an extended period of time, but this is not exactly a good year to be searching for a backup quarterback. I'm sure people will think player X or Y was a better free agent option, but the San Francisco 49ers have elected to stick with familiarity. They could very well decide to add a quarterback in the draft, but my guess is they add a UDFA and revisit this next year.

I have listed tentative cap hits, but those might change as I get a better handle on these numbers.

Signing bonus: $500,000


Base salary: $1,450,000
Playing time, passing yards incentive: $750,000
Pro Bowl incentive: $50,000
Cap hit: Tentatively $1,700,000


Base salary: $1,750,000
Roster bonus: $200,000 - due fifth day of 2016 league year
Playing time, passing yards incentive: $750,000
Pro Bowl incentive: $50,000
Cap hit: Tentatively $2,200,000