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NFL free agency rumors 2015: 49ers could make play for Percy Harvin

The San Francisco 49ers apparently could get in the mix for Percy Harvin. Do you think it would actually happen?

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's update: Sounds like it probably will not happen

Well, this is just a little bit interesting. Washington, D.C. sports reporter Dianna Russini is reporting the San Francisco 49ers could be trying to get into the Percy Harvin sweepstakes. There was a sense that Harvin was going to reunite with Rex Ryan up in Buffalo, but apparently that is not quite so settled.

This would be interesting to say the least. Harvin is a unique talent who can be quite the game-breaker. He can provide big plays in the return game, passing game, and even in the trick play run game. There is no denying any of that. Of course, a team also has to deal with his fairly fragile physical nature, and then the personality conflicts that have followed him at times.

This very well could just be a matter of the 49ers kicking the tires and seeing what kind of deal is out there. The team has enough cap space for a receiver who probably will not make anywhere near the $11 million he made last season. The New York Jets released him, so it also opens the door for an addition without impacting the comp pick formula. That is not the only reason to make a move, but if you are interested in a couple players at a given position, it can help make the decision a little bit easier.

Do you think this actually happens, or is this just some rumor-mongering run amok?