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2015 NCAA tournament bracket: Niners Nation site competition

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's update: The NCAA tournament is officially under way, so we might as well have an open thread to enjoy the action!

Time is really flying this year, and Selection Sunday arrives this weekend. The NCAA selection committee will set up the bracket for the 2015 NCAA tournament, which means it will once again be time to make selections. I have not paid nearly enough attention to college basketball this year, although I did see my American University Eagles and UNLV Runnin' Rebels get eliminated from their respective tournaments. Such is life.

We are going to have another bracket competition this year, but we are trying something different. SB Nation is working with something called Real Time brackets. We can set up a normal bracket prediction contest, but we also can set up a "real time" bracket. The way that works is you fill out your bracket like normal. Then, as games start, you can make changes for a given game if it looks like your pick is going to lose.

The strategy is in deciding when you'll make a change. If you don't make a change, you'll get X amount of points. If you make a change with 15 minutes left in the first half, you'll get less points. If you make a change at halftime, you'll get even less points. And if you wait until the final few minutes, you'll get even less points. Obviously if you don't make a change and your team wins, you'll get the maximum possible points.

Here are the 2 NN leagues. The first follows the new rules, and the second is a traditional. When you create your account, you'll click on the appropriate game you want to play, and then join a group:

Group name: Niners Nation real time
Password: go49ers

Group name: Niners Nation bracket
Password: 49ers123

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. The tournament does not start until next week, so we have time to work out the kinks.