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49ers looking for Risk Manager



The San Francisco 49ers have a job board at their website, and they always have openings of some kind or another. Some are game day related jobs, while others are full time work. I am on an email list for sports management related jobs, and on Friday, I got an email with the 49ers newest job. The team is looking to hire a "Risk Manager".

James' Note: Fooch and I are both out at the time of this post going live, if any free agency stuff is happening, talk about it here.

The first thing I thought of upon seeing the job was George Costanza. There was a Seinfeld episode where his resume said he was an expert in risk management. I believe he was at the Yankees during this time, and he was asked to provide a presentation on the subject. He went searching for a book, and realized it was incredibly boring. He pretended to be losing his vision to get the textbook on tape, but the voice was similar to his own, so he got bored listening to it.

All this is to say, I found this job opening amusing. Others might disagree, but it cracked me up a little bit, particularly in light of the perceptions of the front office by many at this point in time. Here is the job description if you happen to be a risk management expert!