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NFL free agency 2015: 49ers rumors Saturday open thread

We've got an open thread for free agency rumors. Hopefully the 49ers won't implode again while Fooch and James are out for a few hours/the evening.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a fairly productive day for the San Francisco 49ers. Obviously, this team hasn't typically been a big spender in free agency, and moves like we saw today -- the signing of veteran offensive lineman Erik Pears, change-of-pace running back Reggie Bush and cornerback Shareece Wright -- are about as big as it gets.

That's why I'm still pretty happy with the signing of wide receiver Torrey Smith -- I think he can do great things if Colin Kaepernick rebounds and has a better season. Smith provides Kaepernick with a much-needed deep threat, Bush adds some extent of unpredictability to San Francisco's offense and Pears, though he's struggled, is a veteran guy and the 49ers need that right now.

It's been an eventful offseason and an eventful free agency period, though the 49ers losses in that vein are still to be calculated. Frank Gore is gone, Michael Crabtree is as good as gone, Chris Culliver is gone and Perrish Cox is also gone, signing with the Titans on Saturday. I'm nervous about the cornerbacks but then again, with Tramaine Brock looking good when healthy, the position isn't as barren as some would think.

Anyway -- the point of this post is to provide a free agency open thread while myself and Fooch are away from the site for the evening, or most of the evening. I'm not going to be silly and even pretend that we'll get through a night without something insane happening, but if you need some calming reading, I was pretty optimistic at around 3 a.m. last night for some reason.

If any 49ers rumors come out in the next couple hours or through the rest of tonight, we probably won't be able to get a post on it. If that happens, you guys can use this thread to discuss the news. Link it for your fellow readers, be nice and remember -- don't panic.