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Green Bay Packers continue to stay away from free agency

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

I was poking around Twitter today, and I saw a retweet of some rather amazing information.

I was poking through the Green Bay Packers roster, and it seems to add up. You will notice guys like Scott Tolzien who have been on other teams, but he played in no regular season games during his time with the San Francisco 49ers.

The Packers have been to the playoffs each of the last six years, winning the Super Bowl in 2010. Since that Super Bowl win, they have lost twice in the divisional round, once in the wild card round, and once in the conference championship game.

While more Lombardi Trophies are always nice, that kind of sustained success is nice. Their fans know they are consistently in the mix. Once a team gets into the playoffs, anything is possible. The New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens have both shown us that it just takes a hot run to bring home a Super Bowl victory.

It all comes down to winning the Super Bowl, but the success of the Packers in putting together home grown talent does not need to be measured entirely by the Lombardi Trophy. They have developed a system that keeps them in the mix year in and year out.