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One executive on 49ers offseason: 'The 49ers are f----d'

It's time for some nuanced discussion. Are the 49ers f----d in 2015?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have faced a barrage of issues through the first two months of the offseason, and at this point, it feels like the hits will ever stop coming. Patrick Willis, Chris Borland and potentially Justin Smith are all retiring. We had the Colin Kaepernick rumors. Frank Gore departed after ten years with the team. Both starting cornerbacks are gone. And it's only March!

Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman decided to pile on, asking if this was the worst offseason a team experienced in NFL history. In discussing this, Freeman quoted an anonymous opposing team executive who said, "[T]he 49ers are f----d." I don't know what the draft or the rest of free agency will bring, and plenty can happen come September, but it's easy to be just a wee bit negative about the situation.

Yesterday, Pete Prisco put together grades through the first week of free agency. This was prior to Chris Borland's announcement, but he gave the 49ers a C, with this analysis:

They haven't done a lot in free agency, but adding receiver Torrey Smith will help the passing game and veteran Darnell Dockett will help the defensive front. They also added running back Reggie Bush to help the passing game. They suffered some hits with corner Chris Culliver and guard Mike Iupati leaving and linebacker Patrick Willis retiring. Justin Smith is also leaning toward retirement. This has been a tough first two months for new coach Jim Tomsula.

The addition of Torrey Smith could be a big boost for the passing game, and I do think there is some upside to the Bush addition. Freeman joked that Bush is 800 years old and was catching passes from Y.A. Tittle. I'm not sure the exaggeration is quite so necessary, but what are you going to do? It is kind of difficult to really completely understand this offseason in light of how many things have gone down. And I repeat, it's ONLY March.

The loss of Borland adds more pressure to a draft that already had serious holes to fill. Maybe they hit on four or five of their draft picks in April/May, and build from there. Or maybe they are in fact totally f----d. What do you think?