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49ers in attendance at Cal Pro Day

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

This is not exactly a stunning development, but in case you were wondering, the San Francisco 49ers were on hand at the Cal Pro Day. They were joined by a reported 28 other teams. The day also featured Richmond, Eastern Michigan and Southern Illinois Pro Days, but there is no word on who was present.

The video below shows one of their scouts or assistants (not sure which) working out defensive tackle Harrison Wilfley. It sounds like Wilfley is no more than a UDFA prospect at this point. The most notable player among Cal draft prospects would appear to be wide receiver Chris Harper. He declared for the draft with a year of eligibility remaining. There were questions about it, but it sounds like he felt he would not be able to improve his draft stock next season. He was not invited to the NFL Combine last month, and will have some work to do to prove those folks wrong.