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Chris Cook contract details and 49ers salary cap implications

The San Francisco 49ers have signed Chris Cook to a contract that gets him a nice little raise from a year ago. We consider what this might mean.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's updatePer Jason Hurley, this is technically a 2-year deal, but it voids after one year.

The San Francisco 49ers signed cornerback Chris Cook to a one-year deal last week, and contract figures are starting to appear. Cook showed some things last season before an injury cut things short. The team clearly liked what they saw, as they gave him a raise above and beyond the veteran minimum (thanks to Aaron Wilson for tweeting details, and Jason from OTC for helping clarify some of it).

Cook's deal is for one year and worth $1.3 million. Incentives can raise the deal up to $2 million. His base salary is $1 million, which is $255,000 above the veteran minimum of $745,000 (for players with 4-6 years of credited service). Cook was paid $730,000 last season, without any bonuses as far as I can tell.

Signing bonus: $150,000
Base salary: $1,000,000 ($500,000 guaranteed by the team; no word on if it is for injury or fully)
Roster bonus: $100,000 (paid in 16 payments of $6,250 for each game active)
Workout bonus: $50,000
Incentives: $200,000 based on interceptions, $500,000 based on playing time
Cap hit: $1,300,000

This is only a one-year deal, but it would seem to tell us the 49ers will head into the offseason program expecting Cook to take a step forward. He may only end up handling dime work, or he could be passed on the depth chart, but the team is making a more than minimal investment in Cook. A specific spot on the depth chart is likely not to be guaranteed, with all sorts of competitors for playing time (free agent CB Sterling Moore is in for a visit today). However, the team appears to show it is serious about Chris Cook.