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NFL rule proposals include instant replay tweaks, crazy new extra point option

The NFL will vote on 2015 rule proposals next week. Here are some of the more interesting proposals.

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The NFL owners will meet next week in the annual March league meetings, and they will have some interesting proposals up for a vote. The Competition Committee released a list of 23 rule proposals and four bylaw proposals for owners to vote on next week. I have embedded the PDF below, but figured I would list some of the notable rule changes below.

My favorite are the ones that would move more plays under the purview of review. There are a mix of proposals. One proposal includes everything under review, another includes just personal fouls, and a third includes any penalty that results in an automatic first down. Personally I'd say include everything, but I could live with automatic first down penalties.

The most random suggestion is proposal 15, submitted by the Indianapolis Colts. That would provide a new scoring opportunity. It says that if a team successfully converts a 2-point conversion attempt, they will be allowed to then attempt an extra point from the 32 (a 50-yard attempt). That would create a potential 9-point play. I have no idea why the Colts submitted this, but it's so crazy, why not? It almost feels like a Rock 'n Jock rule.

Proposal 1: Coaches will use time outs instead of red flags. They get the timeout back if they are successful with the challenge.
Proposal 2: All fouls (I believe that means penalties) subject to review
Proposal 3/4: Personal foul penalties subject to review
Proposal 5: Any penalty which results in automatic first down subject to review
Proposal 7: Fouls against defenseless player subject to review, and if wrong, do not cost a timeout
Proposal 11: Whether time expired on play clock subject to review
Proposal 12: Put cameras on all boundary lines (side lines, end lines, goal lines) to improve replay review
Proposal 14: Move extra point attempt to 15-yard line
Proposal 15: Add bonus extra point attempt following successful 2-point try - effectively, if the team successfully converts a 2-point conversion, the team can attempt a 50-yard extra point creating a potential 9-point play.
Proposal 17: Both teams get a possession in overtime 
Proposal 22: Allow linebackers to wear Nos. 40-49
Proposal 23: Makes it illegal for offensive player with eligible number to report as ineligible and line up outside core of the formation (Ravens-Patriots game rule)

Bylaw 1: Remove 75-man August cut down date, and just have 53-man cut down date

2015 NFL Rule Proposals